Zion Judah

This is written as a musical group and you can confirm that they have also released their own album. The musician zion Judah has his own name and he just uses the name for his musical identity. The musician has already performed in many places and many people already know him. The genre of his song is reggae and the one who records his song is the Mt. Zion Records. He has two albums that are listed. The Divine Creation and Quest: Mundane to Metaphysical.

Some of his songs are Few Are Chosen, Good Sensi, Divine Creation, Don’t Have Fi Go So, New Day Rising, They Tell Me, New Peace, Higher Consciousness, Give Thanks¬†For Life, Oh Jah, Little More, Create Your Own Reality, Natty Dread Style, The Tell Me That, Concrete Jungle, Island Girl, Fire Bun, One Way, Positive Energy, and others. this is from his two albums and they were not arranged in according to order. You can watch it on Youtube or also in the Spotify as they were made available.

There are many people who use the zion word for everything. That is why many also have the question why they use it. Those who do not have any idea of what the word means may wonder. But as it has religious significance to others that is why they use it and they try to let it be known. Others could begin the religious field that is why they want to use it. Others want to promote it.