The Independent State Of Israel Attained Through Zionism

We can listen or read the word zion many times. Many Christians would have an idea what is zion as they know that it is written also in the bible many times. There is an understanding that it is written the people of God would return to Zion. This same thinking is the origin or what drives the Jews to have the passion to be able to build an Israeli state where zion is located. They thought that they have to build it for the savior to come.

In the video, you can watch the explanation of the Zionist movement. It has its history that originated in the 1900s when the Jews are being persecuted and they are scattered in many countries. That is why they thought the solution is to return to the land where God promised to them. If they have their own state then they would not suffer. This thought was ignited when holocoaust happens. The state of Israel then was built and many Jews were able to return to Israel.

But many also do not agree with this principle. Surely the Jews have received such a  harsh treatment but so do other groups of people. Jews who have undergone hardship and difficulties who also long for Zion at first was able to see the real situation of Zionism. It has been a harsh propaganda as they are also persecuting or giving hardship to the Palestinian and the Arabs with the excuse of rebuilding and reclaiming the land that is due to them.