Famous Jamaican Women who Gained Success

In every race, there are famous people known all over the world including women. Women are said to be weak but men don’t know how powerful a woman can be. This includes Jamaican women. Some couldn’t imagine that there are also beautiful women in Jamaica probably because of their race. But, in this article, you will surely be amazed to know that there are women from Jamaica who have a stunning beauty and gained great success. The video below shows about the famous Jamaican women.

Celebrities, models, and candidates for beauty pageants are usually known to be of stunning beauty. Well, Jamaican women are also known for their exceptional beauty. Sabrina Colie who is a famous Jamaican actress is one of the successful women and she is really beautiful. In the world of beauty pageants, Carole Crawford who is a Caribbean women also gained success after winning in the Miss World 1963. See and apply visa from this agency more information 泰雅. Another successful Jamaican woman and a mother to one of Bob Marley’s son, Cindy Breakspeare won in the Miss World 1976.

Lisa Hanna is also one of the most successful and famous women born in Jamaica with a stunning beauty. Who could ever imagine that Jamaican women can even win in beauty pageants like in Miss World and Miss Universe? It is a proof that women from Jamaica should not be underestimated. It includes Yendi Phillips who won as the 1st runner up in 2010 Miss Universe beauty pageant. Travel with no worries for renewal of your visa here 台胞證期限. A supermodel, Jaunel Mckenzie, is also one of the most famous and successful Jamaican women.