Is Music Essential?

Music is now a daily part of the life of people. There is not a single day that you will not hear music that is being played. You can hear in the street, in the house, in office and anywhere. Many people also find it their escape when they do not know what to do. When they feel bored, when they are sad, when they are angry, and many other situations that people find music as helpful. When you can’t endure the noise in your surrounding, music also helps.

Then what would happen if music would disappear? Music has been already part of the human life. It has provided not just comfort but emotional upliftment. There are many more advantages of music and its uses to each people. Then if you would remove it, the world would feel incomplete. It is like cutting off the electricity. Even if it is not a necessity like food but it has been embedded already in the mind, heart and being of a person.

We seem to be able to look for it and may need to invent another way to have something that gives the same experience or feeling or benefits. Technology would be used may be to know how to invent and what to invent. Other people who use music to drown the unwanted noise from their surroundings would not be able to function as comfortable as before and should look for an alternative if the music is withdrawn. Whatever it is, music is essential as it is already part of humans needs.