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Jon Gatiss
Sense-aetherica, London, UK
Greetings Zion Judah! Blessed thanks for sending me Divine Creation! You will be pleased to know I have allready programmed plenty of it in my roots reggae radio show! More about that another time. Divine Creation by Zion Judah is a top ranking New Roots Reggae album. It goes down well with all my heartical reggae lovers! The tunes are all produced with Zion Judah's compulsive musical style and his constant stream of conscious lyrics. This is a unique and individual album. Most of the songs are on killer upbeat rhythms that often mix the feels of both roots and dancehall culture. The lyrics are also a mix up style of sung, and chatted flavours. The title track Divine Creation is one of many stunning highlights to the album. The roots pulsation is way out there on the reggae tip. Zion Judah's way dread lyrics are deeply encoded with variphrase technology in this one! Expect Mystic Revelations from this one! The next track, They Tell Me is a roots rockers affair carrying a continual stream of conscious dancehall lyrics. Heavyweight stuff. The song Positive Energy is a look back old school reggae blues dancehall. Dirty dancing yet full of sunshine and light. Few Are Chosen, Chant and Fire Bun take on a dark prophetic reality check. These rhythms are heavy and deep. The lyrics tell it how it is. This is system bashing hardcore roots music. yes IYAH! More roots and ragga culture continues to represent throughout the rest of the album. The are too many fanastic tunes list individualy on this non stop roots and culure force field of an album. Zion Judah's unique individual vocal and musical style is must for those seeking some heavy weight space aged reggae music. I love it to bits! dj excavator SENSE-AETHERICA MySpace etc...

Holger Ruscheweyh
Reggae Radio Zurich
Feedback: Nice album, played the songs often in our rotation.

Sally Hohnstein
Hotstepper Sound, Germany

"BIG RECORD! Soft voice, nice melodies, great lyrics! It definitely enters our internet radio show, as well as, our soundsystem show playlist!"

Ras Lion
Sweet fm 89.4, London, UK
Hail H.I.M. Greetings Radiodirectx,
Give thanks for sending I' Zion Judah's album "Divine Creation" Word, Sound from Zion Judah !!. The title track "Divine Creation" irie I, along with track # 5 Feat:Khari Odafemi "They Tell Me" # 9 "Chant" # 10 "Fire Bun" # 11 "No Peace" & # 12 "Natty Dread Style"
Luv the production on this set, along with the WORD, which is amuss Now !! "

PLAYLIST [partial] 17th August 2005
Give Us Now - Nasare
Rasta Awake - Army
Light Of Jah - Niyo Rah
Chant - Zion Judah
God Bless The Children - Joseph Cotton
Nutten No Go So - Beres Hammond
Heal The World - Ras Omeek
Jah Love - Lady Gee
Rise With Jah - Luciano
Blazing Hot - Mark Wonder
Blessing, Ras Lion

Rafel Corbi
Radio RPEM-FM, Spain
"Wonderful Cd full of really good music. Tracks are very cool, in the best reggae sounds I heard in many time. "Island Girl" and "Divine Creation" are my first two favorites and the songs I have added to rotation at our station. Both have great sound, the reggae we know for years yet modern and fresh. I like to hear the melodies and well as the vocals. He's gonna be great."

Ricardo Duarte
RUAfm (102.7), Portugal
"I´ve already spinned some of Zion Judah sounds last weeks,and i will surely be spinning more over
the coming times on the newcomers artists spotlights i weekly do on ZonaReggae
show...I will soon provide you with more feedback and playlists for you to
check what i´ve been spinnig over here..."

David Flava Wizard Sabastian
LightningFM, UK
“Really good album! Just arrived today! Good listening flavaz with ital lyrics! Will be exposing it!!”

Christoph Nolte
One Mission Sound, Germany
“WOW! What an album! I never expected it to be so BIG but this is definitively one of my personal top 5 cds of the year!! Zion Judah is so versatile... unbelieveable! ... he can do the ruff singjay part as well as the smooth singing and everything sounds so good, much better than some of the big and established reggae artists! The man has a great voice, an innovative style and innovative lyrics and the rhythm tracks really flash me... i can't get enough of this cd! I think this is the perfect cd for testing your speakers at home or in the car! Love It!”
“Thank you a 1000 times for this piece of Gold!”

David Flava Wizard Sabastian
Zion Judah - Little More - Divine Creation - MT.Zion Music

James Mullins
FM 88.1 KDHX St. Louis Community Radio
Karl Denson’s Tiny Univers – Bag Of Funk “Music Midtown Festival”
(Instant Live Concerts)
Chris Bottomley – Funky Winker Beans “Cerebral Lubrication” (Partly Bent)
Zion Judah – Natty Dread Style “Divine Creation” (Mt. Zion Music)

Mark Mystic
XFM 104.9 London
Personally i'm enjoying Zion Judah

David Kowalski
DJ Jippers
Interesting release. True to your roots. I hope to hear more in the future!

Tony Cabanellas
KDHX 88.1 FM

Radio GO DeeJay
Hi admin, as Zion is yuite popular on our radio station we are really happy to inform you, that his song Island Girl belonged for four weeks to our chart of most played songs on our station. Best regards, Radio GO DeeJay, Slovakia

Terrific artists with great vocals and songwriting. Arrangements were tight and full. Zion Judah is an emerging musical force we'll be hearing much more from. Oh Jah, Island Girl and Chant have all made it onto the World Party playlist, heard weekly on

Ricardo Duarte
RUAfm (102.7)
ZION JUDAH - 'Divine Creation'
- This one is from the received editions the one i´ve been spinning more times
on the show!The definition Future Roots Reggae, taked my attention, and yes, it
truly is innovative stuff! Have been a medium spin on my modern roots reggae
sets, alongside USA and Virgin Islands bands. Favorite tracks so far:'Divine
Creation';'Chant';'Natty Dread Style'

Linda Blyton
Yes,thank you very much!
I have just been preparing a review of tracks..
Right now though I would like to say that that album has a very special type of musical delivery which is not often heard . Not only great musical production and delivery but lyrically uplifting mixing visionary lyrics with rasta culture.A very positive message.
Zion Judah’s voice is a stirring and strong on track s and creates a powerful impact along with his lyrics. Really a unique delivery all around.
BABYLON . COM where did he get his idea from..original...great/.Contemporary with a twenty first century biblical twist.
I have included the cd in every show since I have receive it and intend to continue doing so.I also have dubbed over it live to air in my program alerting my audience of his web page adress to contact him and obtain music etc.
I mix his songs in between tracks of Julian Marley,Luciano and similar and the energy is great..
Lately I have been having increasing phone response during my show,all positive,so I thank you for the contribution of his music.
If there is any more feed back you need please do not hesitate to ask.
I love this album as I am sure my listeners would agree and let him know thst he has a growing fan base in Sydney.....
good vibes

Neil Jung
KAJX Aspen Public Radio
The Zion Judah record has gone into our reggae library. To track this record, send an email to, Attn: Trevi B., Reggae DJ. Trevi will get back to you. Thanks a lot for sending us a copy!! Neil Jung Music Director KAJX Aspen Public Radio Aspen CO

Mark Mystic
XFM 104.9 London
Zion Judah is superb

Dr. StrangeDub (Michael Rose)
Thanks so much to Zion Judah for the excellent "Divine Creation" release. Well- produced, rootical vibes, with very commanding vocals. I debuted the album on my radio program (The Echo Chamber on KFAI-FM) with the title track. Keep up the conscious vibe... Would love to hear more in the future. Respect & Dub, Dr. StrangeDub (aka Michael Rose) KFAI-FM 90.3 Minneapolis/106.7 St. Paul ttp://

DJ Sister Yasmin
KMFB-FM, Mendocino, CA
I am playing this release and it is very good. I and my listeners like it
very much.
Keep them coming and thanks a lot!
One Love

David Cintron
WPRK 91.5
Zion Judah is a Lion! This is a Roots Rockers' classic. My favorites are "Divine Creation" and "Few are Chosen" but all the tracks blaze.

Alan Stott
KRCL 90.9 FM
i love cuts 5 9 nice to hear some new roots sound nice look to this cd to i will play this one for a while

Rootsman Rak
Roots n Culture Radio
Fantastic album. Zion Judah has a strong and passionate voice. You know he feels the lyrics he delivers. The album opens with a big impact tune, "Oh Jah". The second track, "Little more" works well as a session tune. Strong political lyrics delivered in perfect resonance with the majestic rhythm. Another majestic delivery is track 5 "they tell me" .... pure roots n culture!!!!!! If track 9 "chant" had a steppers beat it would be a very marketable tune here in Europe. On a different tip, there are also lovers tunes, which work well. Zion Judah's has shown here he has versitility which combined with the passion he puts into his work, is a recipe for assured success. Great album, I look forward to hearing more from Zion Judah. Guidance Rootsman Rak

Lilitu Babalon
Artsound 92.7 FM
All over excellent Cd and production. Good feedback and I enjoyed it too.